The Kim Beach Story

Over the past 13 years, Kim Beach has helped transform the lives of countless women through her authentic, inspiring approach to health and fitness. But Kim’s path to success hasn’t been straightforward – like all of us, she’s gone through tough times, and has had to juggle her roles as a businesswoman, mum and partner. Fortunately, with her unfailing optimism and loyal support network, Kim has shown that embracing your true self really can be the best approach of all. 

“How did I get here?”

When Kim left school she was faced with the ever-difficult question of what to do with her life. While sport had always been her passion, she succumbed to the pressure to get a “proper job” – studying at secretarial college before landing a job as a corporate receptionist. On the face of things, it should have been perfect – but right from the start, Kim’s gut instinct told her differently. “I just knew it wasn’t for me,” she says. “I’m hopeless at faking it, and I couldn’t imagine being in that rigid corporate environment forever.” After just a few weeks, Kim pulled the pin and took the plunge – enrolling in a two-year full-time Diploma of Fitness at TAFE.

Making the leap and not looking back.

While it was a bold move, Kim’s decision to study was the right one. Fascinated by the science of health and fitness, she threw herself into her studies and upon graduation, was offered a sought-after Personal Trainer position at Vision Personal Training. “I was a little terrified,” she admits. “But I also absolutely loved it. Taking what I’d learned and applying it in reality was just so rewarding. I built relationships with so many amazing clients, and learnt so much about people. Myself included.”

The client who changed everything.

One day, a new client named John came into the gym to enquire about personal training. Always keen to add a new client to her base, Kim leapt at the chance to train John – and for the next nine months, she did just that, helping him return to fighting fitness after an injury. As with all her clients, Kim was very open and chatty with John, and they quickly developed a rapport. Even so, she was shocked when Valentine’s Day rolled around, and two-dozen long stemmed roses (complete with anonymous poem) were delivered to the gym reception for her. “I read the poem and I was like – that has to be John Beach,” she says, recalling the day. “I was pretty surprised. I’d never thought of him that way. But that night we went out for a drink and I told him, he better be serious about this or don’t bother.”

Serious he certainly was. The two clicked right from the start, and after sweeping Kim off her feet (and finding himself an alternative trainer) John proposed two years later on the top of Cecil Peak in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The sleepless juggling act.

By the time Kim married John, the long hours had started to take their toll. Burnt out and needing a break, Kim went to work for her family’s freight company, learning the ropes of business management – which, while not enthralling at the time, she now admits was invaluable experience.

Meanwhile, she and John started trying for a family, which proved to be harder than expected. “I had a miscarriage before having my son,” she says. “It was pretty devastating. I had no idea what was even going on. Then by the time I got pregnant with Wes and actually had him, I just didn’t want to let him go!”

Baby Wes did not make life easy though. “He just didn’t sleep,” says Kim. “As in, he did. Not. Sleep. For three and half years.” In this time, she and John went through another miscarriage before finally having a baby girl, Chelsea. Kim acknowledges that, while incredibly rewarding, her early years as a mother were really, really hard. As a company CEO John had to travel a lot for work, leaving Kim to care for the kids on her own. At first she even attempted to continue working, but this ultimately proved too much. “I look back and think I may have been depressed. I mean, some days I’d just cry. But I was lucky to be able to take that break from work and focus on the kids for those couple of years,” says Kim. “I have so much admiration for those mums who manage to do it all, especially when the kids are small.”


Sometimes it just takes a walk around the block.

While the break had been great, it wasn’t long before Kim was ready to get her teeth stuck into a new challenge. One evening, she and John went for a walk around the block in their Sutherland Shire neighbourhood, and began talking about options for the future.

While Kim was dying to get back into the fitness industry, she knew the long hours ruled out personal training. Suddenly the idea of starting a business emerged. “I realised that what I ultimately wanted to do was to help people. Help them to feel better about themselves; to live healthier lives and to not feel judged. John pushed me really hard, to see how committed I really was to making a business out of that dream. Once he could see how seriously I was taking the idea, he backed me 110%.”

Building an empire, brick by brick.

After jumping on the internet to see what existed in the health and fitness space, they saw a great opportunity to start something online. “At that stage there weren’t many people doing nutrition or fitness programs online, especially in Australia. So I started what ultimately became

“We really just started with Facebook page, where I’d post recipe and exercise ideas twice a day, every day. Gradually I built a really strong following and people started to approach me to do personalised eating and fitness plans. It grew from that into the development of the #noexcuses plan, and then #nolimits and #noexcuseslife. Along the way we built up quite a team, re-designed the website, established Kim’s Kitchen, and even released a clothing line with Running Bare. It’s been hard work, but once we started the momentum just grew.”

Recently Kim has released her app ‘Kim Beach Life’ which has transformed her program offering, putting all her previous programs into one simple app with a focus on long term success rather than just an 8 week time frame – one thing that will also stay the same though is Kim maintaining real relationships with program participants (#BeachFitters) from start to finish. For her, this personal connection to her clients is what sets the Kim Beach brand apart – and it’s also the part of her job that Kim finds the most rewarding.

“There’s nothing quite like seeing people’s lives actually change for the better, and seeing them start to accept and love and take care of their bodies. At the end of the day, that’s what Kim Beach is all about.”

Balance Brings Success.

Taking her years of experience as a personal trainer (plus a wealth of knowledge distilled from countless books) Kim gradually developed her own unique approach to wellbeing – and it’s all about finding a healthy balance that’s right for you.

Kim’s approach combines flexible exercise programs, accessible nutrition advice and ongoing motivation – and it’s been proven to change people’s lives for good. Over a decade’s knowledge has gone into developing Kim’s new app which is changing the way people think about diets, weight loss and nutrition. Couple this with a constant stream of healthy recipes from Kim’s Kitchen, and an uplifting social media presence, and you’ve got all the ingredients you need for positive transformation.

What makes Kim’s approach different is that it’s personal. There’s no such thing as one size fits all – so Kim’s app gives you a choice of goals, eating preferences and home or gym training options to suit your individual requirements.

The bottom line is, if you stick with the Kim Beach philosophy, you will get results ( just ask one of the many KB Superstars who’ve been there, done that!).

Search ‘Kim Beach Life’ on the App or Google Play store or click here to learn more